Doctoral Degree Regulations

You can find the new Doctoral Degree Regulations here External Link. The regulations will be applied from 28.06.2017 (date of Doctoral Agreement or Acceptance as a Ph.D. student).

Doctoral candidates with Doctoral Agreement or Acceptance as a Ph.D. student prior 28.06.2017: the "old" Doctoral Degree Regulations (see here External Link) will be applied; at the request of the doctoral candidate the procedure can be followed according to the regulations of the "new" doctoral regulations.

Doctoral Agreement

From 01.01.2015 a Doctoral Agreement is compulsory. The necessary documentation can be found on the Intranet under "Informationen A-Z" (P for Promotionsvereinbarung!) here External Link.

Alternatively you will find a version adapted to the needs of the faculty.

The formal steps of the registration process can be found on the KHYS portal here External Link.

You should carry out the four steps described by KHYS in a slightly different order to that given on their website: 1 – 3 – 2 – 4. Steps 2 and 4 should take place at the same time and as soon as possible after Registration with KHYS.


Doktorandenkonvent (Ph.D. Students’ Council)


The Doktorandenkonvent (Ph.D. Students’ Council) is the official representation of interests according to the Landeshochschulgesetz (LHG) of the doctoral students accepted at the faculty and the contact person for other organs of the KIT. The PhD-related questions, in particular draft amendments to the doctoral degree regulations, are discussed in the doctoral student convention and comments are drawn up.

The annually elected board organizes the meetings and represents the PhD students externally. In particular, it sends a member as a representative to the Faculty Council and to networking meetings with the other doctoral students of the KIT.

To obtain further information and invitations to meetings, PhD students can register at

in the official distribution list of the Faculty's Doctoral Conferences.



At KHYS there is a contact point for doctoral candidates in conflicts.