Application portal

The application takes place centrally at the Student Services.


Application and admission

  • The following regulations apply to the transition to the master's degree:
    • the Bachelor's degree must be passed (submission of the Bachelor's thesis, all MAPs) within the examination period (6 weeks after the beginning of the semester, May 12 or November 11).
    • For enrollment/transfer to the Master's program, proof of the Bachelor's degree must be submitted to Student Services no later than 2 months after the start of the semester (possibly by means of a so-called 4.0 certificate, if the degree has not yet been recorded by the system).
    • If these requirements are not fulfilled, the student will automatically be transferred back to the bachelor's degree program.
    In all other respects, the SPO and the admission statutes apply.
  • You can apply for the study program via the online application portal of KIT - link External Link.
    Under the given link you will also find further information on the application procedure.
  • New Statutes (June 2012): Admission to the Chemistry/Master's degree program is in accordance with the admission statutes - Link. External Link
  • PLEASE NOTE: if you are still missing achievements of the bachelor at the time of application, please list the missing modules in a separate letter and indicate there when you want to complete them (usually module final exams).