Legal information

Doctoral degree regulations

New doctoral degree regulations from June 27, 2017 External Link

Please note according to § 26 para. 1 and 3:
The new doctoral regulations come into force on the day after publication, i.e. with effect from June 28, 2017. If a doctoral agreement has been concluded in accordance with Section 10 or acceptance as a doctoral candidate has been declared in accordance with Section 11 before these doctoral regulations come into force, the "old" doctoral regulations (see below) apply to these doctoral procedures. At the request of the doctoral candidate, the "new" doctoral regulations may be applied. The application must be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Doctoral Committee (at the time of the doctoral application).

The old doctor al degree regulations can be found here External Link.

Doctoral agreement

As of 01.01.2015, a doctoral agreement is mandatory. You can find the relevant documents on the intranet under "Information A-Z" here External Link.

Alternatively, you can find a version in German adapted to the needs of the faculty here.

...and in English

You can find the formal steps at KHYS here External Link.

Doctoral Convention

The Doctoral Convention is the official representation of the interests of doctoral students accepted at the faculty in accordance with the State Higher Education Act (LHG) and the point of contact for other KIT bodies. Issues concerning doctoral students at the faculty, in particular draft amendments to the doctoral regulations, are discussed in the Doctoral Convention and statements are drawn up.

The annually elected board organizes the meetings and represents the doctoral students externally. In particular, it sends a member as a representative to the Faculty Council and to networking meetings with the other doctoral conventions of the KIT.

To receive further information and invitations to meetings, doctoral students can register on the official distribution list of the Faculty's Doctoral Convention at External Link.

Contact point for conflicts

The KHYS has a contact point for doctoral candidates in the event of conflicts