Acceptance as a PhD student

Prerequisites for a doctorate at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biosciences

1. confirmation of supervision
2. conclusion of a doctoral agreement
3. online registration with KHYS

Application to the Doctoral Committee (Dean's Office, Building 30.45, Room 126)

4. Possible immediate application with the following documents:

  • Application for acceptance as a doctoral candidate (generated by DOCATA)
  • Proof according to §4 of the doctoral degree regulations (e.g. Master's degree certificate).
  • For foreign diploma or Master's degrees: have the supervisor obtain a certificate of equivalence and grade calculation from the IStO: Link
  • A curriculum vitae with a description of your professional and academic career
  • A written declaration in accordance with Annex 5a of the Doctoral Degree Regulations
  • Copy of the doctoral agreement including Annexes 1+2
  • Annex 2 of the doctoral agreement, in which participation in courses averaging at least one semester hour is agreed as an accompanying qualification in accordance with Section 7 (3). See also Graduate School
  • Certificate of registration from the KHYS
  • Doctoral certificate, if a doctoral degree has already been awarded